2001.10.05 22:22 "16-bit ICC L*a*b* ?", by Dwight Kelly

2001.10.08 13:32 "Re: 16-bit ICC L*a*b* ?", by Bill Radcliffe

Could you provide more details? Where are you seeing these 16 bit L*a*b* TIFF's coming from? Are these scanned files from particular manufacturers or ones that have come out of PageMaker or Photoshop? If they are coming from an Adobe product, I would expect them to provide an ICC profile that defines the color space.

Also - do you know what the status of 16-bit TIFF files is in general? Are you seeing more application of high bit depth scanning in your work? At the point that this becomes that standard way that people store files for archival, have an ICC profile based method for converting the images to 8-bit seems like a perfect match.

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