2001.10.05 22:22 "16-bit ICC L*a*b* ?", by Dwight Kelly

2001.10.26 14:35 "Re: 16-bit ICC L*a*b* ?", by Joris Van Damme

Humm.. 16 bits Lab is not very standarized, but I HOPE different vendors don't use their own encoding. This would be a very big mess :-/

Couldn't agree more.

But chances are... this psychedelic effect you describe is just what happens with bad encoding.

Am I allowed to send you this testimage? (It's big though, it's around 30 meg.)

Yes, please. (hope my mailbox doesn't complain)

I've never sent such a huge file before, so it's quite possible my mail server fails on this (too?), don't know. It zips to about 24 meg. I'll try to send it to you write away. Please confirm receiving it, if all goes well, otherwise I might not even know.

Perhaps, to double-check the other way around, you might be willing to send me one of your 16bit/channel lab tiff files, if you have one available over there? There's always that chance that this problem I'm having is because of things possibly getting wired up a wrong way at some later stage, otherwise.


(PS. Thanks again, Marti, if it weren't for you helping me on this, I would not have much to go on.)