2001.10.05 22:22 "16-bit ICC L*a*b* ?", by Dwight Kelly

2001.10.26 19:32 "Re: 16-bit ICC L*a*b* ?", by Martí Maria


Amazing. Seems you are describing the encoding used by ICC profiles, and evidently this is contradictory with the 8 bits encoding used by "normal" Lab TIFF.

Humm.. 16 bits Lab is not very standarized, but I HOPE different vendors don't use their own encoding. This would be a very big mess :-/ But chances are... this psychedelic effect you describe is just what happens with bad encoding.

Am I allowed to send you this testimage? (It's big though, it's around 30 meg.)

Yes, please. (hope my mailbox doesn't complain)