2003.12.13 15:00 "[Tiff] Stupid question", by Joris Van Damme

2003.12.16 14:27 "Re: [Tiff] Stupid question", by Frank Warmerdam

I think my only hope in completing this project is by not going about things manually anyway. For example, the 'old' on-line archive that goes back to aug 99 is 6217 messages long, and accessable only through 6217 seperate HTML pages. I didn't quite feel up to hitting 'Save as' 6217 times, so I brew a few lines of code that downloaded the 6217 messages to my hard disc with a single click. I figure that's the only feasable strategy for all post-processing and most of the grouping and indexing too. So I don't mind CR/LF, in fact, that's going to be quite a relief after brewing code to extract the true messages from the HTML pages and filtering out all viagra related stuff.


Yikes. Note, Andrey and I are happy to provide more direct access to the archives... such as the mbox format recent archive if you need it. Also, we are happy to host what you come up with as a cleaned up archive.

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