2003.12.13 15:00 "[Tiff] Stupid question", by Joris Van Damme

2003.12.16 13:47 "Re: [Tiff] Stupid question", by Joris Van Damme

No, not at all! I built the archive and e-mailed it Saturday. I tried sending a zip file first, then a simple e-mail (in case the first was too large), but both bounced. I received the failure notices last night.

In any case, you can download the zip archive from:


Got it! Thank you. It looks mighty fine.

As to the bouncing... I don't know what happened. I collected my e-mail several times a day. But I've been dissatisfied with my provider for a while now, mainly because of unpredictable delays in mail and such, so I guess they may be to blaim. The error message 'Connection timed out with relay.mx.skynet.be' seems to agree with me. Skynet ought to improve their retarted mail server software and/or update their outdated hardware instead of being too busy spamming their customers with mail advertising anti-spam filters.

Sorry I thought for a moment you forgot all about it.

The e-mails were all received on Windows, so once you unzip it, they'll have DOS-style CR/LF line terminators.

I think my only hope in completing this project is by not going about things manually anyway. For example, the 'old' on-line archive that goes back to aug 99 is 6217 messages long, and accessable only through 6217 seperate HTML pages. I didn't quite feel up to hitting 'Save as' 6217 times, so I brew a few lines of code that downloaded the 6217 messages to my hard disc with a single click. I figure that's the only feasable strategy for all post-processing and most of the grouping and indexing too. So I don't mind CR/LF, in fact, that's going to be quite a relief after brewing code to extract the true messages from the HTML pages and filtering out all viagra related stuff.

Thank you very much!