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2000.02.24 00:35 "Re: New to this list", by Sam Leffler

To:   Scott Wagner <>

I have nothing against open source or even libtiff. I work group a group that has already implemented imaging systems using libtiff to caretake over 10 million images. We use other open source solutions as well - Samba, FreeBSD, Linux, and clibpdf to name a few.

What I object to is someone responding to a question in a rude manner, having obviously not read the original question. I have receieved many answers saying "use tiffcp you idiot", which is exactly not the answer I need...

Not to belabour the issue, but l I read your original question and noticed that you hadn't indicated that you wanted the result left in memory. However, I assumed that was what you wanted because otherwise the solution was obvious. Nonetheless your responses that I've seen have been uncharacteristic of the traffic on the list and not very friendly (IMHO).

I must say, compared to other open source project's mailing lists, this one is embryonic.

This software is not "open source"; it's free :-). (I actually very much hate the open source moniker that's become so trendy these days.) Regardless the software predates most all of the current open source initiatives and because of it's long history and stable format (at least until recently) hasn't generated much traffic. Aside from the warts caused by my not doing much work on it the past few years, the code basically just works and other than some of the newbie-style questions there's not much to talk about.