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Please be aware that both the LibTiff code and the documentation / mail list associated with it are the product of volunteers. It may frustrate you, as it has undoubtedly frustrated others in the past, that the code and its documentation are not supported in the manner that they would be if this were commercial code. Of course, if this were commercial code you would have neither the high quality nor the accessibility that results from its being an open source project.

LibTiff has become the world standard for TIFF partly because of its high quality and partly because the "official" commercial caretaker of TIFF, Adobe Systems Inc, has allowed it to languish through lack of development and support. If you are truly dissatisfied with the efforts that the volunteers on this list have made to help you, then I suggest you contact Adobe support - perhaps you will find them more attentive. Should that fail - gee, wouldn't we all be surprised - we invite you to stop complaining and contribute your documentation skills to improving LibTiff's usability for the rest of the world.

There are numerous commercial libraries available out there - I have used a few of them. They will be more than happy to take your money, provide their libraries (with good documentation to their published interface), and support you as long as they feel that you are using their product within the limits that they intend.

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