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I'd guess you're getting a NULL back from TIFFOpen, but then you're passing it to TIFFClose (which is not prepared to handle it), and it goes downhill from there.

Try adding a check, for example:

TIFF * in = TIFFOpen("temp.tif", "r");
if (!in)
   printf("oh noes!\n");


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Good afternoon Everyboby,

My name is Thibaut, i’m french. I try to use libtiff library with a Console Win32 Project and I’ve a problem to close an existing TIFF file.

I just do:

In = TIFFOpen(“temp.tif”,”r”);


I’ve an error on TIFFClose: First-Chance exception in test.exe (NTDLL.DLL): 0x0000008: Invalid Handle

I already search in the libtiff mailing list archive but i don't find real solution for my problem

Can you help me please?

Best regards