2005.05.25 09:52 "[Tiff] How to Write a tif file with compression = COMPRESSION_JPEG & photometric = PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR ?", by Kelvin Zhong

2005.05.30 14:39 "Re: [Tiff] How to Write a tif file with compression=COMPRESSION_JPEG& photometric = PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR ?", by Marti Maria


ICC profiles, many times. Of course if you embed the wrong profile, then it is going to mess out your image, but used properly works quite well.

I can understand "wrong" profile regarding things like colorspace description ( primaries, white point ....), less easily for "intents"

I meant embedding blindly sRGB or whatever instead of the correct input profile. The rendering intent affects only to the reproduction, so it should not modify the image interpretation.

And when a soft give me the choice between 3 CMS giving diffents results for the same "rendering options" ( choosen from a dozen) I hardly deal with the concept of a "proper use".

I know about such differences. All are due to bugs in the CMMs. In a perfect world, all CMM should give same results. That's not the case, but anyway, this is because the CMM, not the profile.

Please don't take me wrong. I think your complains are, at least, justified. Color management has still a severe flaw of rocket science and is not so easy to use, but the benefits it deserves when used properly are really amazing.

There are people in ICC trying to promote and make such technology available to everyone. This takes a lot of effort, and I think ICC is doing a pretty good job in the promotion of v4. So, comments like that one about profiles being useless gives a bad press to ICC profiles that IMHO is actually not justified.


Marti Maria
The littlecms project.