2008.05.18 17:26 "[Tiff] Bugzilla, 4.0.0beta1 Release", by Frank Warmerdam

2008.05.24 03:47 "[Tiff] beta2 release", by Frank Warmerdam


There are no earth shattering changes, but I have prepared a libtiff 4.0.0 beta2. Mostly this is to roll in some changes based on an old coverity scan of libtiff, and to produce a new tarball I can pass off to coverity for analysis.

Coverity produces a static code analysis tool that can identify bugs not easily discovered by code inspection, lint style tools, compiler warnings or runtime analysis with tools like valgrind. They kind provide free support for a variety of projects including libtiff. I, umm, failed to followup on their previous report some 12 months ago, but talking to their open source project support fellow at PGCon this week got me off my duff and looking into stuff. It's pretty sweet, and I'd like to see it become part of the libtiff release development and release process over time.

If any of the other libtiff core developers would like access to the Coverity reports let me know.

Anyways, beta2 is available at:


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