2008.05.18 17:26 "[Tiff] Bugzilla, 4.0.0beta1 Release", by Frank Warmerdam

2008.05.24 15:13 "Re: [Tiff] beta2 release", by Bob Friesenhahn

Sorry, I'm being lazy here. Has the regression test situation improved for libtiff 4.0? ie. do we have one yet that tests basic cases?

I have thrown a few stones into the kettle and expect that we will have soup shortly. There is now a collection of tiny images which can be used as the input for tests. There is a single demo test script which is supposed to execute tiffinfo on a file to verify that it works.

I hear that Andrey has fixed the compiled TIFF tags tests which had stopped working.

This is what the simple demo tiffinfo test script looks like:

set -e
. ${srcdir}/common.sh
"${TOOLS}/tiffinfo" "${IMAGES}/minisblack-1c-16b.tiff" > /dev/null

It does not take much effort to create a new test script to test features of a libtiff utility such as tiffcp. Independent contributions are appreciated.

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