2007.07.09 13:18 "[Tiff] 64 Bit Vista Build Problems", by David Cheeseman

2007.07.09 17:49 "RE: [Tiff] 64 Bit Vista Build Problems", by Bob Friesenhahn

First off, I do understand that the version has been updated to 3.8.2. However, the 3.8.2 version requires jpeglib and zlib, which the 3.6.1 version does not require. Also, when I compiled the 3.8.2 version using the latest jpeglib and zlib under an x64 platform, the jcapimin.c file conflicted with a windows sdk file:

It is pretty easy to map these other libraries out of the build.

It does not surprise me if libtiff does not build perfectly under 64-bit Windows since 64-bit Windows is unlike any other 64-bit environment and none of the libtiff developers use it (to the best of my knowledge). Except for exotics like Cray (which I have no experience with), other 64-bit environments use the LP64 model where long and pointer are the same size. But in 64-bit Windows, pointers are bigger than long.

libraries (this is my first year developing Windows software).

Developing Windows software is hard. :-)

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