2007.07.09 13:18 "[Tiff] 64 Bit Vista Build Problems", by David Cheeseman

2007.07.09 18:56 "RE: [Tiff] 64 Bit Vista Build Problems", by Bob Friesenhahn

It does not surprise me if libtiff does not build perfectly under 64-bit Windows since 64-bit Windows is unlike any other 64-bit environment and none of the libtiff developers use it (to the best of my knowledge). Except for exotics like Cray (which I have no experience with), other 64-bit environments use the LP64 model where long and pointer are the same size. But in 64-bit Windows, pointers are bigger than long.

As a follow-up to the above, I see useful information as to how

Microsoft has implemented 64-bits at:


They call this data model LLP64. This choice was made due to the

fundamental error that 'long' was used extensively in the Win32 API

rather than 'int' (due to influence of its 16-bit heritage) and

Windows applications have deeply embedded assumptions that 'long' and

'int' are the same size.

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