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Everyting's still broke, but it is likely not because of the fixes (which the fixes you sent do work). I think the problem is compatibility with the platform sdk's linker. Unfortunately you cannot use the XP x64 build environment (aka you can't use VC's x64 build enviroment) in Vista x64 driver development because the Vista driver model requires everything to run in user-mode and building in an XP environment will result in kernel mode component compilations. Also, I rebuild the 32-bit library using the 3.8.2 (for consistency) and found that that library was also corrupt when built under the Platform SDK.

I did however resolve my problem through a very brute-force method of copying the source files needed for win32 compilation to my project directory. If it's successful on Vista 64, I'll be sure to let the mailing list know.

Thanks again for your time and help!

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Subject: Re: More question about Vista x64 tifflib build.

David Cheeseman wrote:
> Edward,
> So I followed your build instruction and managed to get a compiled

> library of the 3.8.2 libtiff.lib and to get it out of the way I'm very > grateful for this information. However, I've run into the same

> did when I tried to hook into the library from C driver problem I

> code, none of the functions can be reached and I get several

unresolved external symbols.

Our build system is quite different so it wouldn't help you. Anyhow, so I became interested and tried compiling 3.8.2. Here's what I did:

This all compiled and seemed to run fine when I ran it with a test image. Of course, I didn't verify the actual data read. :)

> My new question is, how do you import the libtiff.lib file in such

> that the functions are visible in Visual C? Also, upon a way

> rebuilding our 32bit lib under 3.8.2, I ran into the same issue. Am I

> using the wrong build tool? What modifications did you make to your
> Makefile? As far as I know all you need to do to build a 64 bit
> library is to run 'setenv /x64 /vista' in the platform sdk (which uses

> nmake). Could you post your buildsteps for x64?

> I know this is a lot to ask so I thank you in advance for any more
> information!