2001.04.26 14:40 "8K chunks for RowsPerStrip?", by Michael O'Rourke

2001.04.26 16:45 "RE: 8K chunks for RowsPerStrip?", by Don Swatman

That's funny, because the ONLY single strip images I have ever seen are 1-bit, where it is very common to only have 1-strip.

PhotoShop on the Mac also puts it out as one big stripe. Graphics Convertor gives you the option. This can make it akward to read some of their files. The other problem is if the data is compressed, and you just want a small clipped area, you may have to decompress a lot of data to get to the small area you want. If it's striped, you can work out which strip and start there.

Perhaps there needs to be an inflationary provision in the recommended maximum strip/tile size but to abandon it is to partially abandon the promise of interoperability attempting to be delivered through the TIFF format.

Upping the size recomendation would make a lot of sense; in these days of 512Mb computers, 8k seems a little bit penny pinching. How about 128k? I don't feel this would give too many problems with the current address space limitations. The real problem is the limitation of 2G file sizes. With printers (including large Format) having heads of 1440 dpi and 2880 comming up, tiff is going to run out of numbers. It would be really good to see chained files to hold the extra data. For this reason, we've not adopted tiff as out archival format buy had to develop our own.

On another note, what applications output data in the tiled format ( and read it). This format makes a lot of sense to me as it allows fast easy access to data for doing such otherwise memory hungry tasks such as rotation.

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