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I'm interested in hearing real examples as to why BigTIFF is useful for georeferencing and medical imaging. Are the images really that big? After compression or only without? Are they big 'cause they are multi-channel, or multi-page, or uncompressed, or,...?

Yes, some images are that big. Our medical images for virtual microscopy are anywhere from 50,000 pixels on a side, up to 900,000 pixels on a side, for current file sizes up to around 770,000 megapixels, or 2.2 TB raw. That's 3-component RGB, 8-bit - we're moving to support 32-component, 16-bit, with ~16 layers, which will make the larger images over a petabyte each, uncompressed.

Take a peek at our website, below, for a few samples if you like.

W. Kemp Watson, CEO
Objective Pathology Services Ltd
Toronto, Ontario (905) 770-7802

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