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2011.05.20 09:14 "Re: [Tiff] Failed to allocate memory", by John

Hi Thomas,

On 20 May 2011 09:26, Thomas Ellett <Thomas.Ellett@statkart.no> wrote: > The issue having is processing a 2.7 gb single page tiff. I wanted to use gdal_retile (tried gdal 1.7.0b2 and 1.8.0) on this to first tile and then eventually pyramid the resultant images. I’m

Have you tried using vips to make the pyramids? It's quite commonly used to make pyramids for iipsrv and friends.

There's a windows binary built against libtiff4 here:


You need vips-dev-tiff4-7.24.5.zip. If I run this on my laptop with:

$ time vips.exe im_copy bigger8.v bigger.tif:,tile,pyramid,,,,8 > build.log

real    11m35.835s
user    0m40.080s
sys     0m49.710s

I get a 9gb tif pyramid and it seems to work OK. You'll need a program that can read huge tiff pyramids as well, of course.

Documentation for the strange tiff format string here:


Leave the ",,,8" off the end of the string and it'll write smalltiff, though of course your filesizes will be limited.