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2000.10.04 16:24 "PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Raj Kumar S.
2000.10.04 16:17 "Re: PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Martin Bailey
2000.10.04 20:58 "Re: PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Rex Jolliff
2000.10.05 00:20 "Old-style JPEG and HP 9100C Digital Sender", by Tim Bell

2000.10.04 16:24 "PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Raj Kumar S.

hello all,

i have some tiff files which were created by scanning under WinNT and written by windows imaging. i totally use Linux and do not have access to a Windows system. i am not able to open the tiff file under Linux in any image viewer. i have downloaded the latest version of lib tiff and tiff2png. the output i get from that is appended below.

can some one help me to convert this to normal tiff or any other readable format.


PS: i have send this mail once two days ago, but i did not receive a copy and also did not see any response. i have also searched the archives. so i am reposting this again, if you are getting this for second time kindly accept my apologies.

1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 512 (0x200) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 513 (0x201) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 514 (0x202) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 515 (0x203) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 519 (0x207) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 520 (0x208) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 521 (0x209) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 32934 (0x80a6) ignored.

tiff2png: converting 1.tif to ./1.png

TIFF Directory at offset 0x8
    Subfile Type: (0 = 0x0)
    Image Width: 1276 Image Length: 1642
    Resolution: 151, 151 pixels/inch
    Bits/Sample: 8
    Compression Scheme: Old-style JPEG
    Photometric Interpretation: YCbCr
    FillOrder: msb-to-lsb

  YCbCr Subsampling: 2, 1
  Software: "Oi/GFS, writer v00.06.00P, (c) Wang Labs, Inc. 1990, 1991"
  Orientation: row 0 top, col 0 lhs
  Samples/Pixel: 3
  Rows/Strip: 8
  Planar Configuration: single image plane
tiff2png: aspect ratio (hor/vert) = 1 (151 / 151)
tiff2png: near-unity aspect ratio
tiff2png: 1276x1642x24 image
tiff2png: 8 bits/sample, 3 samples/pixel
tiff2png: maxval=255
tiff2png error: don't know how to handle PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR (1.tif)