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2000.10.04 16:24 "PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Raj Kumar S.
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2000.10.04 16:34 "Re: PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Rex Jolliff
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2000.10.04 16:34 "Re: PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Rex Jolliff

i have some tiff files which were created by scanning under WinNT and written by windows imaging. i totally use Linux and do not have access to a Windows system. i am not able to open the tiff file under Linux in any image viewer. i have downloaded the latest version of lib tiff and tiff2png. the output i get from that is appended below.

can some one help me to convert this to normal tiff or any other readable format.

1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 512 (0x200) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 513 (0x201) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 514 (0x202) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 515 (0x203) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 519 (0x207) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 520 (0x208) ignored.
1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 521 (0x209) ignored.

These are all for JPEG compression - the original stuff in TIFF 6 that doesn't work.

1.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 32934 (0x80a6) ignored.

Sorry, don't know that one. It's not in TIFF6, the PageMaker extensions or TIFF/IT.

Was this image generated using Pixel Translations based scanning software? if so then if the strip count is one, then you can find the entire JPEG inside the image at the JFIFOffset position in the file. If the strip count is greater than one, you'll need to reconstruct the jpeg by replacing the restart markers between each strip. I have some code that does all this if you're interested.