2003.01.29 12:53 "tiffcp problems", by Ray Pixley

2003.02.07 03:04 "Re: tiffset.exe instructions (was Re: tiffcp problems)", by Jason Summers

Ray Pixley wrote:
> [lots of things about photometric interpretations with group 4 images]

I recommend that fax group 3 and 4 images *always* be labeled MINISWHITE. If you have an application that writes MINISBLACK in this case, fix it or do not use it to write TIFF images. Many applications do not correctly handle MINISBLACK with fax compression.

If you have existing MINISBLACK fax images, they probably cannot be fixed by changing the photometric label. They images need to be inverted, then recompressed and labeled MINISWHITE.

Of course, you can get away with MINISBLACK if all your applications handle it correctly, but it sounds like that's not the case.

Jason Summers