2004.10.01 07:22 "[Tiff] BigTIFF extension issue", by Joris Van Damme

2004.10.01 16:41 "[Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Ian Ameline

I agree with Joris. I think the extension should remain unchanged.

The next version of my application will at a minimum recognize BigTIFF and display a suitable message saying it's not supported yet. If BigTIFF is agreed upon and a stable LibTIFF exists that supports it before the end of this calendar year, then there is a good chance that the next version of my app will support reading them (at a minimum) -- assuming they're not too big :-) (I still have to live within the cramped confines of a 32 bit address space -- for now.). By the end of 2005, or sometime early in 2006 I hope to have full 64 bit support, and full reading and writing support for BigTIFF.

(P.S. While I have not talked to the lawyers I'm sure they would want me to say that I'm not making any promises or commitments on behalf of Alias. Plans can change. :-)

Ian Ameline,
Software Architect,
Alias SketchBook Technical Lead.

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