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1999.06.03 19:48 "Large File Support", by Bruce Forsberg
1999.06.10 13:05 "Re: Large File Support", by Chris Hanson
1999.06.11 01:48 "Re: Large File Support", by Glen

1999.06.11 01:48 "Re: Large File Support", by Glen

Yes and no. (These comments also apply to your other comment regarding a library interface.)

Your points are well taken, but they caused me to realize something VERY fundamental:

    We really have _*_TWO_*_ TIFF specs!

Obviously, there is the core file spec itself, to which your comments apply. But even MORE so, there is an "interface standard" (API in effect) also. Why more so? Look at the percentage of emails regarding the basic file format versus regarding the libtiff interface!

So, yes we of course have to keep the implementation of a new version (or concept!) of libtiff separate from the file format itself. But let's not specify a file format that does not lend itself to a good library implementation or specify a good library implementation that is inconsistent with a good (smaller, simpler, more extensive, etc.) file format.