2005.09.23 21:11 "[Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Frank Warmerdam

2005.09.27 14:47 "RE: [Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Jason Frank

Well, according to the JBIG2 page, http://www.jpeg.org/jbig/faq.phtml?action=show_answer&question_id=q3f042 a7298c94 that may not be a problem. Then again, it may have an issue similar to LZW. I hate to introduce patent issues (and free software issues) here, but it might be perfectly valid to introduce JBIG2 into libtiff without licensing issues. They also make reference to free licenses for the codec. I don't know if that means the developers will get free licenses, and the users will have to pay, or exactly what the terms are. That will probably require work by someone to contact IBM and the other patent holder, but it may very well be possible. I would be willing to chase this down if there is an interest. Hey, you never know until you try...


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It's a whole other story for fundamentally new compression modes that

> we firmly believe are here to stay. I believe we should try and agree > on integration for JPEG2000, and old and new JBIG.

A problem with JPEG2000 and JBIG is that they are covered by patents. The existing compression schemes supported by libtiff are now believed to be patent free.