2021.09.28 13:49 "[Tiff] Proposal to create a OGC BigTIFF standard", by Even Rouault

2021.09.28 14:56 "Re: [Tiff] Proposal to create a OGC BigTIFF standard", by Bob Friesenhahn

What do you call exactly as BigTIFF tags?

In the past there was a lot of discussion about (un)documented / (un)registered tags and how to handle them.

Will the OGC play a role in this process of documenting tags? I can imagine that they only are interested in Geospatial related tags and not in e.g. medical tags

BigTIFF is primarily about supporting larger TIFF files (with 64-bit offsets) so it does not seem that the BigTIFF specification has much to do with tags other than supporting the larger offsets.

Attempting to encumber the BigTIFF specification with non-related things would make it more difficult to get completed.


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