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For the record, the non-subscriber also contacted me, in that same message, but i am hesitant to commit the OSGeo foundation to this, without the approval from the libtiff community here. -jeff

On 2016-09-16 12:26 PM, Kemp Watson wrote:

I’ve also been in touch with a non-subscriber of this list, who owns the domain libtiff.info, and may be willing to donate it to a selected party, providing steps are taken to ensure the domain’s continuity.

May I inquire who is currently the official keeper of:

(a) the TIFF specification, and
(b) the libtiff library

and, are we looking for a home for the spec/format, or the library, or both?

On 2016-09-14, 4:26 PM, "Kemp Watson" <kemp@objectivepathology.com> wrote:

Our experience is that Github currently has an excellent product for open source initiatives; many projects have migrated from SourceForge to Github. Also, Github uses primarily Git SCM; SourceForge, although supporting Git, uses primarily the now slightly dated Subversion SCM system.

In terms of popularity, Github hosts 88x as many projects as SourceForge, and claims 4x as many users (though I find these numbers a bit suspect). Github, also, offers website hosting as a part of the repository, easy to update with Markdown, with a lot of tooling built around it.

We (Objective Pathology Services) would be happy to help with hosting libtiff. We currently use BigTIFF for extremely large digital pathology files, and are about to release an open format specification for a web-friendly variation of TIFF designed for online zoomable images. We own TIFF.photo, and TIFF.rocks, and would be happy to allocate these to libtiff, perhaps tiff.photo for specifications and tiff.rocks for format promotion (that¹s exactly our plan for our sub-format also). Shame that tiff.info is taken. We would absorb costs for the Github account, and the two domain registry costs, and handle DNS, as a donation to the community. If this is of interest, I suggest that a short contract be in place to ensure continuity of the domains should unforseen events occur.

If not of interest, it appears that libtiff.cloud, libtiff.rocks, tiff.one are available; not much else of direct relevance that I can see. Or, a simple Github (or other repository) account might suffice all on its own.

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